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Pack a Sack

Did you know that hundreds of Pasco County children

go without food on the weekends? 

With your help, we can make sure no child goes without food. Children need food to survive and to do well in school. Children are our future so together, let's invest in our future! 

All Saints has supported Pack a Sack for some time now. One Community Now runs the Pasco County Pack a Sack program. October 15 is their fundraising event at Sims Park in New Port Richey. All Saints is now registered as “All Saints Angels” team with One Community Now.

You can support Pack a Sack and this event through a pledge to All Saints Angels Team. Donations can easily be made online through One Community website. For your convenience the following link will take you directly to the page for All Saints Angel Team.

  One Community Now Pack the Park for Pack A Sack (

Thank You for your support and investment in our future.

Pack a Sack - FAQS

Is the program Pack a Snack or Pack a Sack?

Actually it is both. In Pinellas County it is called Pack a Snack and in Pasco County it is called Pack a Sack. All Saints is involved in both counties.

What exactly is the program?

It is a program that allows non-profit organizations, especially churches, to work with the school system to provide healthy snacks to students who are chronically hungry and receive free breakfast and lunch on school days but are food insufficient on the weekend. The packs are given to the students on Friday so they will have them on the weekend.

What schools does All Saints work with?

Sunset Hills in Pinellas County and Sunray Elementary, Pepin Academy, Achieve Center, and Schwettman Education Center (these last two schools are now known as Hudson Academy and Hudson Primary Academy) in Pasco. All of these schools have a high incidence of economically challenged students as well as a high incidence of minority students.

How many students does All Saints serve?

Last school year the average was 65 students per week. For the school year just starting it will approach 90-100 per week as Schwettman Academy has been added.

How are the snacks paid for?

We have been fortunate to obtain grants to support the cost of food. This year we have a grant of $2,000 from our Diocese and grants totaling $8,200 from One Community Now. The most expensive item in the pack is shelf stable milk. Our source for the milk allows us to buy it at a discount but this year they are able to provide it at no cost.

Can I donate food?

No. This is because the packs need to be the same for each child and that is just not possible with donated food.

When does the packing take place?

Usually one Sunday a month after each service.

How can I help?

Participate in the packing, help with the pick up of food and delivery and set up for the packing, make a donation to One Community Now, and participate in the Hunger Walk in October.

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