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Honoring Our Local Heroes

Continuing a tradition started several years ago here in Tarpon Springs, All Saints joined other local churches and organizations to make a special luncheon on 9-11 to recognize our local firefighters and police officers. With the new restrictions this year, there were fewer people to set up and serve the meal at the fire station. But everyone played a role in helping prepare for it.

The Tarpon Springs Ministerial Association hosted its Annual 9/11 Appreciation Luncheon for our First Responders. Rev. Milton Smith presented a plaque of appreciation to the fire chief and police chief thanking them for their service. Food and beverages were supplied and/or prepared by the Salvation Army, All Saints Episcopal Church, St. Timothy's Church, the Unitarian Universalist Church and the Rotary Club. At All Saints Rev. Janet, Connie Rux and Rev. Ellen Wolf-Muhleck, a member of the Unitarian Universalist Church of Tarpon Springs, prepared meat and vegetarian lasagna pans that were picked up and delivered to the luncheon by the Salvation Army. To view more photos, visit here.

We are incredibly thankful for our First Responders, not only in Tarpon Springs but all across Tampa Bay and across the nation.
Thank you for what you do!


Rev. Milton Smith, Chaplain, Tarpon Springs & Palm Harbor Fire Rescue, presents a plaque of appreciation to Chief Scott Young of the Fire Department and Chief Robert Kochen of the Police Department. Photo credit: Ron Hadad.

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